Pet of Human Best Friends

Pets are basically ordinary animals in the wild. But over time, many animals are used as pets as creatures that accompany humans. In fact, from time immemorial, animals have been used as pets, both to be used as food or as friends by humans. Animals that are used as food are usually raised and bred to be used as daily food. Historically, the first animals that were kept by humans were dogs. Dogs used to be used to help humans hunt. Dogs were chosen because they have strong hunting instincts and are easier to tame.

However, with the development of the era, the majority of dogs have changed their function to be used as pets either for playmates or as guard dogs. Even today there are still animals that are used for hunting pigs.
Apart from dogs, currently humans also raise several other types of animals such as rabbits, cats, snakes, hamsters, birds and fish. It is made a hobby by humans. The negative impact of this is the reduced population of these animals in the wild which is clearly affecting the food chain.
If you are an animal lover, of course you should know some animal care. Here’s more information on pet care.

Care of Various Types of Animals

Care for animals is actually almost the same way but is slightly different for each type of pet.

  • Dog / Cat
    For cats and dogs, the way to care for them is the same, namely by grooming once a week, giving them food and being invited to play. For those of you who don’t know the term grooming, grooming is cleaning the body (bathing) of animals starting from the hair, ears, and nail cutting. Both of these animals are actually very easy to do.
  • Fish
    It’s different from how to care for fish. If you care for fish, all you have to do is drain the aquarium water once a week and regularly feed it. The food given depends on the fish being kept. Most of the fish are given food in the form of fish pellets. Pellets are processed worms that are dried and printed in packaging. Very easy, right?
  • Hamster
    Hamster was popular a few years ago. The cute and funny face of a hamster has attracted many people to keep this animal. How to care for it is very easy, namely by providing food in the form of seeds, and providing a small drum filled with wood dust to collect hamster urine or feces. Don’t forget to always replace the sawdust once a week with new sawdust. Very easy, right?
  • Bird
    Birds also had become viral animals worth hundreds of millions. The thing that makes the price of birds soar when the bird wins a bird contest and has a loud chirp. One of the most expensive birds is the stone magpie. This bird has a characteristic chirp that is quite tight and long. Food that is usually given can be in the form of seeds, worms, pellets, or ant eggs. To keep birds, you also have to prepare a cage-shaped cage. In addition, birds must also be kept clean, namely by bathing them. The method is very easy, just spray the birds like plants. How to raise birds is actually easy – easy easy, depending on the type of bird you are raising.

Pet Sitter, An Animal Ranger

If you have a house pet, such as a dog or cat, you must have heard of a job called “pet sitter”. As with baby sitters, the job of this pet sitter is to take care of our beloved pets. Many of us are still wondering whether it is important to use this pet sitter? Or we don’t even know what the pet sitter does. Now it can be explained that this pet sitter itself is one of the jobs that aims to care for our beloved pets in a more special way. Not only being entrusted or guarded by someone who is in charge of the pet sitter, but our beloved pets will also get additional attention and also the learning given to our pets. The things that are obtained depend on the request by the pet owner who uses this pet sitter service.

Starting from services to take our pets for a walk, to feed our pets regularly, to play with pets, to accompany pets when they are left by us. This pet sitter can also provide special services for pets who want special services such as adjusting our pet’s diet or adjusting the routine exercise patterns that pet sitters do to our pets. Of course, the existence of this pet sitter is very helpful for those of us who have a busy life in any job or task. To hire a pet sitter service, the price varies, depending on the quality of the carer. So for those of you who have busyness and obstacles to caring for your pet, don’t be dizzy or worry that your animal is not being cared for.

Things to Do When Pets Are Sick

When your beloved pet falls ill, of course there are a number of things you need to do. This time we will give you some steps that you have to do when your pet is sick, especially for those of you who are beginners in raising animals, as follows:

  1. Go to the vet
    The first step you have to do is, immediately take your pet to the nearest veterinarian and immediately consult about complaints and what your animal did before it fell ill.
  2. Follow Doctor’s Instructions
    After completing the consultation with the doctor, then follow the instructions given by the doctor and the restrictions that must be carried out to speed up the recovery period for your beloved pet.
  3. Give medicine according to dosage
    Give the drug according to the correct dose and time according to the doctor’s prescription. This greatly affects the digestion process of your veterinary medicine.
  4. Give a healthy diet
    If the animal has started to recover, remember just like humans, the animal has not fully recovered and provide a healthy diet to meet the nutrients your animal needs. Diets that are given a healthy diet and don’t go to extreme diets, just give food that is reduced by 50% from the usual portion.
  5. Spend time together
    In addition to giving drugs, of course you have to pay more attention by spending time with your pet so that the mood of your pet is happy. Believe it or not, whether humans or animals fall sick, if they have a happy heart, they will automatically have a much greater enthusiasm for recovery. So don’t forget this one thing.

Well, that’s some information about pets. Hopefully this can help you to take care of your pets better, and find solutions when you are busy. That is all and thank you.

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